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Yes, yes. This is yet another icon journal. As if there weren't enough of us photoshopping, brush-hoarding, screen-capping weirdos on LJ.. one more has popped up to annoy you with credit demands :P

Yes, I do want credit. Some of these icons take a lot longer to make than you might expect. A lot of time, energy and creativity pours into each and every one of them, and if you like them, why not thank me with recognition of my effort? why not advertise for me? The more encouragement I get, the more icons I'll make, the more you'll be able to use, right? Right.

Be nice. Credit all icons to another_icon_lj in the keyword's "comment" field, and please be sure to leave a comment in the post you found it on to tell me which ones you're taking. a brief tutorial on how to give icon credit can be found here.

Additionally, do not alter any of my icons. I do accept requests. In fact, I find them more fun to do than anything I come up with. They pose a challenge I guess, so if you see an icon here that you would like changed to suit your needs, do let me know. I'd be happy to tweak it for you. Address all requests HERE with all pertinent information. ie- if you'd like an exsisting icon tweaked, please provide a link to the original post, the number of the icon on that post, and what you'd like done to it. if you want an entire new one made, BE SPECIFIC.

I mainly make icons from various cartoons and animes featured on Adult Swim, but every once in awhile you'll see some random stuff from other subjects.

Currently I am not granting posting access to anyone but myself. I made this journal a community because I am lazy and I didn't want to have to log in and log out every 5 minutes, but I am not discounting the possibility of granting posting access to additional members in the future. You do not need posting access to participate/comment on my posts.

If you'd like to stick around, then by all means join. I hope you find what you're looking for, and don't forget to check the tags and memories! Every post has been (obsessively) catalogued in both venues.


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Crack Theatre is make me fall on my ass Love
colorbar by bakacoconut07

I have the names of the creators of about 85-90% of my downloaded brushes, textures, and bases etc. Unfortunatly that means there are a few that I neglected to keep track of. If any icon you see here uses anything that has not been credited to someone in this list, please inform me and I'll be sure to add them ASAP. I have absolutely no intention of taking credit for someone else's work.

____xruinme ___candyrain ___iconliciousx __kali__ _iconographer _synergy100x100_brushes 77words adorlyna hanako_lovely aklemai alaskanicons anais_dirge arisubox artistbynight ashke_icons blueshimmer bombayicons boogieland braggadocio_org brokenicon cala_jane cdg_brushes colorfilter colortone crumblingwalls crushedviolet custom_banners dark_soul_lost daughterofsnape dj43 dragong drave ewanism firaga fluffy_monster fusionesque dearest glass_prism oh_pants honerbright im_glas inside inxsomniax iroka joli_papier kenaree keraha kimcallea kithfan21 lasciviae lovemelikemusic lysrouge meleada pier miggy modernsecret myrasis narcissisystem natangel perfectalibi propaganda_live endlessdeep rem_chan rightforyou rough_draft___ saltsweetbitter scarsonchest slipbucketlove soulspring theoicons neversince uglypricetag unmasked_icons wickedful withaghost wizzicons yorokobi_

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